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Additional articles, case studies, online lectures, ‘Ask the experts’ and activities can be found on the RGS-IBG School Members Area


Key stage 5 teaching resources linked to 21st Century Challenge discussions are available on the RGS-IBG Key Stage 5 teaching resource page. Resources include:

– Lesson plans
– Teaching ideas
– Curriculum links
– Overview sheets
– Case studies
– Powerpoint presentations
– Exam specification
– Work sheets

Topics include globalisation, food security, urbanisation, global health, development, poverty, sustainability, pollution, NIMBYism, water footprints, digital divide, natural disasters, population demographics, flooding, deforestation, climate change and migration.

Feedback from geography teachers

21st Century Challenges, Alan Parkinson,, 22 October 2014

21st Century Challenges: Thought-provoking Talks on Geographical Issue, Paul VanZant, 24 April 2013

Links to 21st Century Challenges from other sites

University of Cambridge, HE+ Geography

RTPI resources for schools

British Society for Geomorphology

ESRC social science for schools

Tickets to 21st Century Challenges panel discussions

5 complimentary tickets per school (advance booking only, first come, first served) are available for RGS-IBG schools members.

For all RGS-IBG school member bookings made at a discounted or complimentary rate we require that students are accompanied by a responsible adult at a minimum ratio of 1 adult : 5 students.  Please email for details.


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