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Policy Forum 2015 – 2017

Videos from the 21st Century Challenges Policy Forum events on:


Population, demographics and migration

Populations both within and between countries are changing. Our speakers discuss ageing populations, the changing class system, and migration.

Human health, equality and development

Many people still live without adequate access to healthcare, education and shelter. We discuss global health, education and development, along with local UK issues including poverty, homelessness and air pollution.


Natural hazards and extreme weather

How can countries, including the UK, become more resilient to natural hazards and extreme weather?


Protecting ecosystems

Rainforests are under threat from logging, oceans are under threat from plastic pollution and overfishing. How can we protect these vital ecosystems? Closer to home, does the UK have the right policies in place to protect our countryside against plant and animal diseases such as Ash dieback and bovine TB?


It’s expected that by 2050, 70% of the world population will live in cities. How can we design and plan cities to accommodate people while making sure we maintain infrastructure, ensure well-being, and protect the environment?

Food, water and energy security

Rising populations and changing lifestyles mean increased pressure on the world’s supply of food, fresh water, land, and energy supply. How can we create a sustainable future where everyone has enough?


Technology for development

Can technology such as wind-up radios, laptops and mobile phones help people in the world’s poorest communities?

Keeping pace with the internet

We are living through a communication revolution. How can we ensure vulnerable sectors of society aren’t left behind and are given a voice? What opportunities and challenges does the internet and Big Data provide?

Sustainability and transitioning to a low carbon future

Burning fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide (CO2), a greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere. CO2 traps heat causing a rise in global temperature. This rise results in more extreme and unpredictable weather which has an impact on ecosystems, human health, infrastructure and agriculture. How can society move away from fossil fuels to more renewable and safer sources of energy?

Globalisation and sustainable economies

Movements of people and resources have changed global markets. What does this mean for businesses and are our economic models working for society?

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