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Policy Forum: Europe’s Migration Crisis

UK Border, Terminal 4, London Heathrow

The first 21st Century Challenges: Policy Forum of 2016 will take place at the RGS-IBG on 22 March and will consider the issue of ‘Europe’s Migration Crisis‘. How should UK policy-makers respond to the largest movement of people through Europe since 1945? This panel discussion will explore the spatial, cultural, political and economic dimensions of the current ‘EU migrant crisis’. This event

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Resilience to climate change: policy context

In advance of the 21st Century Challenges: Policy Forum, ‘Resilience to climate change: who pays (and who benefits)?’ on 17 November, the RGS-IBG Policy Team has pulled together brief background information to set the context for the event. It’s not too late to register to attend: please contact the Policy Team by Friday 13 November to reserve your space at the panel

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