What London renters want

A recent national survey of more than 1000 tenants across Britain, (Endsleigh Insurance, June 2016) found that the top priorities for renters in London were:

  • Realistic rent prices (71%)
  • Wifi and broadband pre-installed (37%)
  • A professional cleaner used before moving in (29%)

David Hadden, Head of property at Endsleigh Insurance said “Tenants are showing more authority than they previously did, which is particularly clear in London, and they are expecting more too.”

We asked the audience at our discussion ‘Life off the ladder’ on 15 June what they thought and their priorities were:

  • Affordability, including value for money and reasonable council tax
  • Location, including local amenities and green space
  • Quality of living environment including the condition of the house, maintenance and cleanliness

Safety, responsive and responsible landlords, and good transport links also ranked highly.

But do renters always get what they want? No, and 77% of London tenants felt the Government wasn’t doing enough to protect them from rogue landlords.

Rosie Walker, co-author of The Rent Trap, discusses what renters want and how they can go about getting it in her 21st Century Challenges talk.

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