Europe’s Migration Crisis? Videos and Audio Now Online

An audio recording of the latest 21st Century Challenges: Policy Forum event, on ‘Europe’s Migration Crisis?‘ is now available to listen to online. The audio recording covers all of the contributions by the expert panellists, the chair and audience questions and answers.

In advance of the event, the RGS-IBG Policy Team recorded interviews with two of the panellists: Professors Heaven Crawley and Christina Boswell. In these two short, five minute, recordings, Professors Crawley and Boswell discuss their views on how policy-makers should respond to high levels of net migration in the UK; both focusing on the importance of adopting an evidence-based approach. They also reflect on how geography and other social sciences can contribute to discussions around high levels of net migration.

You can find these and further videos from the 21st Century Challenges programme on the 21st Century Challenges YouTube Channel. 

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