Professor Christina Boswell to Join ‘Europe’s Migration Crisis?’ Panel

CB photo 2Professor Christina Boswell will join our panel on 22nd March to discuss ‘Europe’s Migration Crisis?‘.

Christina Boswell is Professor of Politics at the University of Edinburgh. She is Co-Director of the Centre for Science, Knowledge and Policy (SKAPE), and Director of Research for the School of Social and Political Science at the University of Edinburgh. Her research examines the relationship between knowledge and public policy, especially in relation to European and EU immigration and asylum policy. Her books include The Political Uses of Expert Knowledge: Immigration Policy and Social Research (Cambridge University Press, 2009/2012); Migration and Mobility in the European Union (with Andrew Geddes; Palgrave, 2012); The Ethics of Refugee Policy (Ashgate, 2005); and European Migration Policies in Flux (Blackwell’s, 2003). She has served as consultant for the UN High Commission for Refugees, the UN Global Commission on International Migration, the British Foreign Office, the European Commission, the European Parliament and the OECD.

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